Advantages of wet-dry central vacuum cleaner in India

wet-dry central vacuum cleaner in India

The Wet/Dry DV2A310 Drainvac Central Vacuum Unit 

DrainVac Power Unit DV2A310 ( Automatik – 2×355 )

To start with, the new look of wet-dry central vacuum cleaner in India is modern and considerably more stylishly satisfying. The cost is currently increasingly reasonable so everybody can possess something that the rich had funds for previously! The Drainvac 310 does everything; it cleans carpet upholstery, cordless curtains, and so on. From all dirt and trash and even grabs wet spills and unclogs sinks. 

The best Wet/dry central vacuum system

The Drainvac DV2A310 is a wet-dry vacuum that can be utilized in large homes or houses from 3500 up to 12,000 square feet. This unit creates so much power and keeps going for such a significant number of years that your neighbors will be desirous. An ultimate central vacuum has the capacity of not only dry dirt pickup as well as even wet pickup, for example, spilled milk, water, floods, and any wet chaos. It can likewise shampoo and clean your floors or carpets; it is one central vacuum that does everything.

Automatik Series by Drainvac: 

This protected DRAINVAC centralized vacuum cleaning system India does everything! It sweeps both dry and liquid substances, and afterward, it filters them naturally into your sanitary piping. You can plug the hose to one of your inlets, and start cleaning.

Drainvac Automatik Advantages 

  • Wet and dry vacuuming; 
  • Extraordinary wet dry central vacuum cleaner in India for vacuuming up water damage and for cleaning floor carpets, upholstery, vehicle insides, and so on; 
  • No post-cleaning maintenance required; 
  • No compelling reason to wash the tank; 
  • Superior suction

DrainVac DV2A310 Power Unit Specs 

It is effortless to clean with the Automatic Series. It is ideal for any home and is an unquestionable must-have for hypersensitivity sufferers and pet owners. It is as easy to install like some other industrial central vacuum systems, and it captures all dirt, residue, germs, and mites. It uses the same PVC pipe commonly utilized in the industry; it self-flushes straightforwardly into the sanitary sewer disposing of the risk of allergies and different ailments to the respiratory system.


There’s no compelling reason to battle to get floors and furniture genuinely perfect. DRAINVAC’s wet-dry central vacuum cleaners are revolutionary that can handle the toughest jobs. Regardless of whether it is for your home or your business, DRAINVAC has the application you need. DRAINVAC offers the central vacuum system with a protected automatic drain for both wet and dry cleaning.

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