To All The Caring Women …A Thank You From Us!

Its Women’s Day!

The calendar is nearing 8th March and we could see everybody expressing gratitude to women about how they make life easier in the roles of a mother, sister, wife, and a daughter.

Although many debates if expressing gratitude and showing respect towards shouldn’t be restricted to a day, but taking a day off from our busy schedules and dedicating to womanhood is not a bad idea either.

We at DrainVac, thank the eternal sacrifices that a woman makes for her family by being there in the moments of crisis and difficulties.

DrainVac’s Ideology

DrainVac has, over the years, been the epicenter of home convenience by providing technology at the disposal. Bringing affordable and latest technology and empowering the health and hygiene of the family members can definitely be a game changer especially for the women who work tirelessly to keep the home clean.

We believe that quick and efficient cleaning of the house can make the tedious job look easy and thus provide the homemaker with the much-needed comfort while cleaning.

Why only women?

Over the times, house cleaning and caretaking has been branded as the work of the housewife or the sole women of the family, Drainvac changes this belief by bringing in the technology in the format which makes it easy for anyone in the home to take this responsibility and act as a helping hand to the home manager. After all, supporting them in the house-works will make their lives much easier…

How DrainVac helps to keep the house clean

DrainVac units with its powerful motors help in cleaning large spaces easily without heating up and makes the task of cleaning not only simpler but also hassle-free, saving timing and energy.

The Drainvac makes super effective cleaning of the difficult to reach places easy and gives you the benefit of a healthy and clean environment to stay in.

The centralized vacuum cleaner is the best companion for any house because of its accessibility and versatility, once installed – the main unit can be separately kept in the storage room or near garbage disposals and the suction pipes can be given different outlets according to convenience. This feature of the Drainvac vacuum cleaner eliminates the work to carry the entire unit from place to place.

So this Women’s Day, gift the best vacuum cleaner & bring in a women’s best pal in the house.

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