Cleanliness Needs A Lot Of Hard Work, What If You Had The Support Of An Invisible Cleaning Staff?

Cleanliness is a huge task, especially for multi-story houses. It becomes a tedious task for the caretaker of the house/the office area to keep away the dust particles from settling again and again.

Huge commercial buildings with a large number of working staffs employed in various departments and sometimes in round-the-clock shifts mean that dust and dirt get accumulated no matter how hard one tries. And hiring a full-time help can make your monthly budget shoot out of the roof.

What if you could get the help of professional cleaning staff at the minimum cost?

Drainvac has an answer of Central Vacuum Cleaning System for you.

What is that?

A central vacuum cleaning system is a cleaning system that is built in with the construction of the house just like a central air conditioning system. With this equipment, you do not have to worry about changing cleaning bags or worry about cleaning filters ever again. Drainvac systems work on the simple principle of water, suction, and drain. It is connected directly to the water pipes and the sewer drainage of the house or the office place. The Drainvac vacuum cleaners are easy to handle and provide cleaning like a professional housekeeping staff.

Here are a few reasons why Drainvac is the best cleaning companion for your house as well as your office.

Easy to Operate

With the centrally operated Drainvac vacuum cleaners, cleaning becomes super easy. You do not require any special training or instructions to use the system. It is extremely user-friendly and efficient.

Easy To Manage

You do not have to worry about the mess of cleaning the vacuum filters or remember to buy cleaning bags ever again. The Drainvac Vacuum Cleaners are pre-installed with main power unit being placed according to your convenience and the vacuum cleaner can be moved around where ever you wish to clean. This makes handling the equipment easier as well as safer.

Saves Time And Increases Staff Efficiency

The Drainvac vacuum cleaner is very easy to use and are very economical and highly reduces the time that is needed for cleaning. This leaves you with more time and funds to concentrate on value-adding activities. Studies show that working in a clean and hygienic environment has a positive effect on the efficiency of employees.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaners Tend To Cause Pollution And Suffocation

These days most of the office spaces are closed with air conditioning facility and have little or no fresh air outlets. Thus, using vacuum cleaners that do not have the capacity to clean minute dust particles within inside spaces tends to cause the settled dust to resurface and results in suffocation and pollution. On the other hand, the high-powered motor of Drainvac Central Vacuum Cleaning System can efficiently pull in the dust particles and other pollutants.

Get the Drainvac Central Vacuum Cleaning system for your office or house today and experience world-class cleaning in the minimum efforts.

For more information, get in touch with one of our cleaning experts today.

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