DrainVac Central Vacuum Cleaner-Ninja of the House

DrainVac Central Vacuum Cleaner-Ninja of the House


A house becomes a home when it has people, relationships and Cleanliness.

Perfect shining clean living space is every resident’s dream but is not easy to achieve. As an urban dweller, especially if you have kids, you can very well relate to the plight dirt, stains, grease, dust and spilled food/beverages bring to your house cleanliness regime.

Traditional methods of cleaning have been failing badly because of the high labour requirement and poor quality of cleaning.

Then arrived the modern way of house cleaning– vacuum cleaners and people got overwhelmed with joy thinking that all their miseries pertaining to housekeeping were going to end.

But sadly, heavy portable conventional vacuum cleaners had their own very disadvantages like producing deafening noise, re-circulating dust particles inside the house, inability to clean the narrow-hidden corners and low-power suction.

All of these demerits left the residents disheartened and cleaning again seemed to be an unresolvable issue.

But as with all the problems, solution exists here as well!

Thanks to DrainVac’s Central Vacuum Systems.

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system is also known as “Bagless Vacuum System” or “Whole House Vacuum.” It is an inbuilt system, where all the pipes run within the walls of the home and are connected to a large vacuum system which is typically located outside the residential unit.

You need to pull the required length hoses from the main system, attach task-specific nozzle if required and run it through the spaces one by one. It facilitates the greater flexibility and mobility, unlike the conventional vacuum system.

We have got a wide range of residential central vacuums for all budgets, from small form-factor to all-in-one liquid vacuums.

Central Vacuum Systems are loaded with amazingly smart and useful features specially for those who are either impaired in mobility or are allergy sufferers.

Available with the facility of outdoor exhaust, central vacuums come with large cannisters.

Sound pollution is totally kept at bay when you go for central vacuums since they operate at extremely low decibels.

The super-suction power makes Central Vacuum Systems a lot more efficient at cleaning the most stubborn stains and greasy spots without “leaving any traces”. Two-motor unit with cyclonic action for solids and liquids renders them the unbeatable capacity to clear dust and spillages leaving the furniture, carpets, mattresses and every corner of your house with mirror like shine.

Last but not the least, Central Vacuum Systems help you maintain the indoor air quality by dislodging the dust filled air outside living area through outdoor exhaust. People who get affected by polluted indoor air are mostly children, senior citizens and those who suffer from the respiratory issues. Symptoms like nausea, cough, allergies leave them wondering about the cause that is none other but invisible dust inside their own house.

Installation-Hidden and Easy

There’s a common myth that installing central vacuum system is a Herculean Task but this is not so. They don’t take much space and can be installed in a garage or basement away from the living unit and power heads are designed with a number of special acoustic features including belts and bearing housings.

Unlike portable or regular vacuums there need not be a specific place that should be allotted to them (especially high-powered portable vacuums). They don’t interfere with your beautiful interiors and still clean the house like nothing else thus acting like Ninja of the house!

If you’re still thinking about whether or not to go for DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems, you’re probably wasting more time in taking the right decision. Remember, house cleaning is not only about appearance but also about health, especially of kids and old family members.

Get in touch with one of our cleanliness experts and choose the right cleaning system for your loved abode. We care for you!

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