Escalate Cleanliness To Supreme Quality

Your house can impact your physical and mental health. It is important to live in a neat and clean surrounding because it can reduce stress and bring positivity to the house. Cleaning and vacuuming are an integral part of daily routine in order to keep diseases away from our family member, but it can easily become a hefty task.


The past few decades have shown that the advancement in technology has been multifold. People are investing in smarter technologies in order to make their homes even more convenient and attractive. Hence, it is important to focus on the health and hygiene of the family members as well.

Advantages of Central vacuum systems

This calls for the smart choice of investing in central vacuum systems, such as offered by DrainVac, in the houses and business buildings. These are safe, advantageous, and provide deep clean, like no other.


Let us look at some of the advantages of installing a vacuum system for houses:


 1. No more vacuumed allergens recycling back into homes –

Have you ever looked at your carpet after vacuuming and wondered if it is actually clean? Central vacuum system offers you the convenience of installing motor and collection container away from the main interiors of the house. Rather they are installed in the garage or storage room or basement. Therefore, any dust, dirt, and debris collected through wet and dry vacuum cleaner will be exhausted away from your house.


2. Noise pollution reduction –

As the power unit will be installed away from the main house, it gives you the advantage of minimal vacuum noise. So, you can easily go ahead and vacuum clean your house even when someone is watching TV or talking on the phone.

3. Usage versatility –

Spilled a glass of milk in the kitchen? No need to worry. The outlets for power hoses are provided at all convenient places making it possible to just plug in and begin cleaning.

central vacuum system easily accessible

Moreover, central vacuum system offers you a wide array of vacuum accessories including wet and dry vacuum cleaners, with a lightweight and flexible hose that will help you clean away any kind of dirt, dust or debris. This ensures that even the tightest spots are cleaned leaving your home with a healthy environment. This is not just limited to your home; various other versions of it, as discussed in detail by DrainVac, can be installed and used in business institutions as well.


4. Motor versatility –

Depending upon the house or business building in which it has to be installed, motors come in various sizes. DrainVac has a list of such diverse motors mentioned along with a list of its technological and usage specifications. Moreover, it offers you a motor made of polyethylene with parts made of stainless steel, which means they will not rust.

Central Vacuum system storage



It is the time to leave the portable vacuum cleaners behind and invest in vacuum systems for houses. It will add value to your property. Not only can you boast of a smart house, but you are also making the best choice for your future. It will reduce the cost of buying portable vacuum cleaners every 2-3 years because central vacuum systems can function smoothly for ten years before any accessory needs replacement.


On top of that, what can be greater than a cleaning system that is also not harmful towards our environment? The various types of wet and dry vacuum cleaners and the cyclonic filtration technology make it possible for the dirt to be exhausted out of the house in separation from each other.


Vacuum system for houses make sure that the liquid dirt is streamed in a sewer, the dust and dirt particles are separated from the air with the help of cyclonic filtration technology, and the air is exhausted out of the house.


Make the smart choice today, contact DrainVac to order Central Vacuum System for your home!


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