Guide for Purchasing a Residential Vacuum System for Your Home

Residential Central Vacuum Systems

What is a vacuum system?

A vacuum system is a cleaning system usually installed throughout the home and other required areas with cleaning ports. If you have a lot of cleaning requirements at your home, then it is always advisable to get a residential vacuum system which will be a one-time solution to keep your house free of any dirt. It is designed to be more powerful and efficient than the traditional vacuum system. A residential vacuum system is more commonly known as central vacuum, can be installed at strategic locations in your home to make the best use of it.

The basics of the system are as follows:

  • The residential vacuum unit – It is usually located in places like a garage, crawlspace, and attic. It functions as a unit to collect the dust particles and retain it from vacuuming. The large size of the container helps in keeping the dust in it for which one can empty that container only 3-4 times in a year. The unit is connected to pipes that are located within the walls of the house.
  • The internal piping system – inner vacuum pipe is attached all the way throughout the home to the individual “inlet valves” that are strategically placed for providing maximum vacuum efficiency. The pipe itself is a particular schedule 40 thin wall pipe, specially made to fulfil the industry requirement. This particular pipe connects the attachment set to the residential vacuum unit.
  • The attachment set – attachment set is the final piece of a central vacuum system. This set consists of a 30-35 foot hose, an extension wand, a power nozzle, and various other cleaning attachments. The best feature of this is that the inlet valve holds the hose and enables a cleaning radius of around 600 square feet making cleaning.

Ready installation, best benefits and easy to use

The entire system can be plumbed to work with your existing electrical or plumbing set up. The Central Vacuum system’s cleaning efficiency and the suction capability are almost four times more powerful, and according to studies the use of this vacuum system reduces the number of dust components from your living spaces.

It is beneficial for people having allergic reactions. This vacuum system will improve the air quality at your home. It is not only made for newly constructed homes but also existing homes to get the best experience and feel.

With maximum efficiency and hassle-free service, the homeowner needs to empty the unit only three times per year. If you are looking for the right vacuum cleaning system, then take the time and thoroughly research for the right pick.

The right vacuum system for your home will require less maintenance and no musty smell or noise level at all. It will have 30-40 years of service life. If you have a pet at home and you are worried and tired about cleaning the hair, then the central vacuum system is the best option. A lot of pet clinics and hair salons will have this too.

It is specially planned and designed to enable minimal maintenance and provide you best air quality and greener home. So stop worrying about those tiny dust particles and light cleaning with the vacuum system.

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