National Pollution Prevention Day

National Pollution Prevention Day is observed on every 2nd December in India in the memory of all the victims who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy in 1984. Many people died due to poisonous gas Methyl Isocyanate is also known as MIC. Bhopal Gas Tragedy is considered as one of biggest industrial pollution disasters.

India being a developing country is on a fast route towards Urbanization and Industrialization. But in this race, we are also surrounded by the grave problem of pollution done by Industries as well as individuals. On the Occasion of National Pollution Prevention Day, Drainvac Central Vacuums has made an attempt to spread awareness on this issue.

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Pollution has been growing all over the world at a rapid rate. In our race of development and urbanization, we have exploited nature and have destroyed our natural habitat. It is important for us to acknowledge the hazard of pollution and work collectively towards a better tomorrow.

Air pollution is not the only problem that is growing at an alarming rate. Pollution of water, noise, litter, plastic, and radioactive contaminates are also the causes to worry about.

 Some grave problems that are caused due to Pollution are

  • Nine out of ten people worldwide does not breathe safe air.
  • A microscopic pollutant (PM 2.5) is so tiny that it can pass through the mucous membrane and other protective barriers to damage the lungs, heart, and brain.
  • Air pollution kills 7 million people every year globally, 4 million of whom die from indoor air pollution.
  • Children and old persons are highly affected by air pollution.
  • Air pollution is also responsible for climate change.

Causes of Pollution by Individuals

The key pollutants include particulate matter, a mix of solid and liquid droplets arising from fuel combustion, nitrogen dioxide from road traffic; ozone at ground level, caused by the reaction of sunlight with pollutants from industrial facilities and vehicle emissions; and Sulphur dioxide, and invisible gas from burning fossil fuels like coal.

We as individual members of the society knowingly or unknowingly cause a lot of pollution in our daily routine. It could be using plastic bags, our vehicles or even small thing like our daily waste. This thing may be small but have a greater impact collectively.


We can be vigilant about such ignorant wastage and try our best to reduce pollution at the micro level. We can opt for recyclable and reusable products such as cloth bags, paper cups etc. to reduce the use of plastic.

Causes of Pollution by Industries

 Industries have a major impact on pollution many hazardous materials are released into air and water by the means of industrial waste.


With the growth of industrialization, pollution has become a very serious problem. Adverse effects have been made on the environment and also on our health. We need to work not only on special days but every day in order to prevent and control pollution.

Industries must work together with the government to keep pollution in check, by implementing effective waste management policy and making the constant effort to an innovative technique that reduces wastage as well as is environment-friendly.

We at Drainvac Central Vacuums are sincerely doing our part to curb pollution by innovating and creating products that help Industries as well as individual to manage their waste.

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