The Post Drainvac Miracles of Cleaning

The Drainvac Central Vacuum cleaners have multiple benefits to offer to households as well as the service industry. The versatility and the power of the Drainvac vacuum cleaner serve as a great benefit, especially for the cleaning and hospitality industry.

Here are the top Drainvac Central Vacuum Cleaners miracles of cleaning that will leave all your guests awestruck –

Easy Cleaning of all the hard to reach and tough places

With Drainvac vacuum cleaner that is available with a central connection, cleaning of hard to reach and difficult places such as the corners and sides of walls becomes simpler. Not only for households but also for industries and factories where the tough stains of oil and grease are a nightmare for the cleaning staff.

Other benefits of the Drainvac centralized vacuum cleaners are the set of different brushes available with the unit, for specialized cleaning. These brushes make the cleaning of corners and hidden place very easy.

Prolongs the life of Carpets and Curtain

No need to worry about those sticky awful looking carpets and curtain stains anymore, the deep and efficient cleaning of the Drainvac vacuum cleaners keeps the carpets free from contaminants and dust particles keeping it new and fresh looking for a long time. Clean the stains with Drainvac vacuum cleaners as soon as they appear, and they will vanish like they never existed.

Regular cleaning and maintaining of Large spaces now become easier

Does the maintenance of large spaces make your cleaning staff cringe? Not anymore. The powerful motor of the Drainvac unit and the strong suction pipes makes the cleaning of large space very easy. No need to worry about the motor heating up between sessions like the regular portable units. The heavy-duty machinery of the Drainvac vacuum cleaners is the best match for large spaces that require deep cleaning.

Large Savings

With all the cleaning benefits, another advantage of the Drainvac centralized vacuum cleaner is the huge savings on cleaning expenses. As the main unit of the system is placed separately in the storeroom or the garbage disposal and the suction pipes can be connected with different outlets on different levels making cleaning easy. Another benefit of the Drainvac vacuum cleaners is the large dust bags that do not need regular cleaning and can store contaminants and dust particle from multiple cleaning session, saving the cost of changing bags and regular maintenance of the device.

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