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Most of us have carpets and sofas at home. In order to clean them, we have been using vacuum cleaners for ages. With the advancement of technology, vacuum cleaners have also upgraded. Nowadays, we get vacuum cleaners in the form of bagged and bagless ones. Out of these 2, which one is the best? What are the pros and cons of bagged and bagless ones?

Previously, we only had the option to buy bagged vacuum cleaners. So most of us are aware of the usage, advantages, and disadvantages of the bagged ones. The bagless vacuum cleaners are the new form of vacuum cleaners and most of us are not aware of its usage, pros, and cons.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a few pros and cons of bagless vacuum cleaners.

What are bagless vacuums?

Bagless vacuum cleaners are the upgraded version of the traditional vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners come with improved technology and they do not have bags for collection the dirt. Bagless vacuum cleaners are normally easier to use and it does not need a bag replacement. Bagless vacuum cleaners are a bit expensive but it is worth the money. Here are the pros and cons of bagless vacuum cleaners.



  1. Easy to use

A bagless vacuum is preferred nowadays because they are much easier to use. These vacuum cleaners are mostly automatic and they do not require manual settings. Just plug into a power source and start cleaning. Also, since it does not have a bag, there is no need to empty the bag every time you start cleaning.

2. Cleanliness

Bagless Vacuum cleaners do not come with any storage bag for the dirt. Once in while you need to empty the filtration box which is installed inside the vacuum cleaner. Some models of the bagless vacuum cleaners come to a hand-free option and in others, you might need to twist and pull to take out the filtration box. This at times may lead to an accident where the dirt can spill on the floor. To avoid such accidents, one can opt for a centralized vacuum cleaning system India.

     3. Cost

Whether you choose a normal bagless vacuum cleaner or a bagless central vacuum cleaner, the initial purchase cost is a bit higher than the bagged one. But since these models do not have a bag, so replacement is not required at all, hence saving a lot of money for the future.

4. Portability

Most of the bagless vacuum cleaners are very compact and light in weight, therefore, it is very easy to move around with it.


Since these bagless vacuum cleaners have in-built modern technology, they are light in weight and does not consume a lot of power as compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners.


      Filtration cost

The biggest drawback of bagless vacuum cleaners is the filtration cost. Although these vacuum cleaners do not have any bags which need to be replaced once in a month, the filtration system needs to be replaced at least twice a year.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand what a bagless vacuum cleaner is and what are its pros and cons. According to your requirement, you can choose which model of vacuum cleaner will suit you the best.

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