Tackling the Plague of the Dreaded Dust Mites – The DrainVac Way!

The space that we humans call our own, is shared by a microscopic neighbour – the small but lethal Dust Mite.


 What are Dust Mites?

Dust Mites are so tiny that in just a single gram of dust, over 2000 individual mites can survive. They have a lifecycle of only a few weeks, during which they feed on small flakes of dead skin cells that we humans generate each day. The Mites then produce tiny bits of waste matter that is largely invisible to the naked eye. These particles contain a variety of allergens and can trigger intense reactions among human beings ranging from sneezing and wheezing to Asthma.

What makes the Dust Mites such formidable opponents are that they are extremely difficult to dislodge from our domestic spaces.

 How to clear Dust Mites?

Vacuuming was once considered a good solution to the problem of Dust Mites, but studies have shown that conventional vacuum systems actually increase the prevalence of Dust Mites by dislodging them from the furniture and beddings and tossing them into the air.

This increases the area that the Dust Mites can cover and makes them even more prolific. Added to this is the fact that Dust Mites have a very high rate of reproduction and spreading them all over a room makes them even more hazardous.

Dust Mites are most prone to occur in beds, mattresses and other stored clothing. Regular washing and cleaning substantially reduce their growth and spread.

Since the Mites feed on dead skin, it is extremely important that any part of the house that your body is regularly in contact with needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Storing extra or spare clothes and mattresses in airtight plastics can also help in the process. Also, preferably keep the mattresses stored in a cool, dry place and then periodically expose it to intense afternoon sunlight. This is because Dust Mites breed best in humid conditions but cannot survive temperature extremes.

Using pesticides such as disodium tetra hydrate can be an effective solution, but it is not recommended because of the side effects it has on human beings.

Thankfully though, we have a one stop solution to all your Mites woes.  Introducing the most effective cure for Dust Mites – DrainVac Central Vacuum System!

This extremely effective unit can be mounted inside the house in a closet or a cupboard or outside in the garage. It is then connected to a 50mm plastic pipe that runs through various points throughout the house. These outlets can be fitted with a special vacuum hose and the device is ready for action.

What is most impressive is that unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner that disperses Dust Mites rather than remove them, DrainVac’s Central Vacuum System is extremely effective when it comes to eliminating Dust Mites. Its powerful suction funnels all forms of allergens and then vents them outside the living space so as to ensure a cleaner and purer atmosphere inside the house.

The best part about this is that the cyclonic system does not even require bags or filters. The unit comes equipped with internal turbines that spin at high velocities when the motor is activated, effectively separating dust, mites and other particulate matter from the air stream.

These unwanted particles are then further broken down by the cyclonic action and collected in a reservoir at the base of the unit. This is the most effective solution to the Dust Mite problem as it prevents them from reproducing and also destroys existing eggs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for more details and a cleaner, healthier, Dust Mite free life!

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