5 Reasons to install DrainVac Central Vacuum System to your new home

Best Central Vacuum Systems in India

Are you wondering what is central vacuum system? Is an effective method for working? Is it something that everyone should have it in their new home? Did you know that central vacuum system clean air of your home and efficiently remove all the dirt particles?

Well, We at DrainVac Central Vacuum System have all your answers.  Let us first understand what Central vacuum system is and how it is different from traditional vacuum system.  A central vacuum stem is also known as “Bagless Vacuum System” or “Whole House Vacuum.” It is an inbuilt system, where all the pipes run within the walls of the home and are connected to a large vacuum system which is typically located in basement or garage.  You need to pull the required length pipes from the main system, attach task-specific nozzle if required and run it through the rooms one by one. It allows the greater flexibility and mobility, unlike the traditional vacuum system.  The system is designed to be so powerful that it offers less noise and reduce the recirculation of dust again into home by utilizing external venting system. DrainVac Central Vacuum System has high-performance cleaning system from 35 years of expertise. It is an excellent alternative from traditional portable system.

DrainVac Central Vacuum System buying guide

If you are planning to have Vacuum system for your new home, here is a small trick to select the right one. Make sure you have definite information of your “home size” including length and width. By having a clear view, you will ensure the perfect size of vacuum to be installed to have a hassle-free and dust free home.

The second important point to remember is to check the “water lift,” which is also called as sucking power. This will determine how well you’re central vacuum system is going to work and suck dust through all the piping.

Planning to have vacuum system for your new house

If you are thinking to buy a home or making major renovation, this will be the perfect time to introduce you to the most effective vacuum system. Prioritize your requirement and install Whole house vacuum system in your new home on the very first go to avoid drilling mess at later stages.

Whether you are planning to hire an installer or do it yourself, you should first figure out the best layout plan of your house to accommodate all your need through the central vacuum system. Installing a convenient vacuum inlet will ease your work with more productivity.

Five reasons to install DrainVac Central Vacuum System to New your new home

An excellent option than portable vacuum system is central vacuum system. The traditional mobile system comes with many drawbacks and has to walk around with the system which is unexpected.

Fresh & clean air to breathe

Central vacuum cleaner does not recirculate the exhaust air back in home, thus making the house fresh and clean to breathe. All the dirt travels through pipeline to collector called “canister.” By this method of vacuum system, there is a lot of improvement in sleep quality, nasal and eye infections, etc. Hence, prevention of various diseases.

Easy accessible

It is effortless to use, as there is no longer the need to carry massive system all around with you to clean the home. You can now directly pull out the pipeline from the outlet, attach desired attachments and clean your house when needed. Pretty simple and easy to clean every hidden corner and surface of the room.

Less noise

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaner creating loud voice, central vacuum system works with minimal sound or silently. Talking on phone, studying, watching television or sleeping is next to impossible when portable vacuum system is used for cleaning. The primary source of noise is located in the basement, so only minimal voice comes out while working through it.

Deep Cleaning Methodology

DrainVac Central Vacuum System cleans five times stronger than the traditional system, and because they stay at one place, basement or garage, they stay cooler. It lasts much longer. The design and higher suction power allow it to pick up from minute to larger debris from each corner of the house.

High durability

A good quality vacuum system lasts much longer. As before buying keep few things in mind to check the brand and ratings of the model have proper knowledge about each model and understand your need for your home.  DrainVac Central Vacuum System has high-performance cleaning system from 35 years of expertise. The level of durability ensures that you never have to spend again and again and works excellently.

Goodbye to Traditional Vacuum System

Most of us are unaware of the Central Vacuum system and the way it eases out your cleaning woes. But once you get to know about the range of benefits it offers, it probably is time to say goodbye to the old system and accept this newer methods in your new homes. It is better to install a commercial vacuum system when you are constructing your new home. In comparison with a central vacuum system will always beat the traditional vacuum system. Among them, DrainVac Central Vacuum System stand the best.

Here is a quick and essential sneak peek into why you should opt the central vacuum system or the commercial vacuum system or the bag-less vacuum system:

  • No extension power cords
  • No recirculation of dust particles
  • No voice
  • No filter problem
  • High suction power
  • Durable
  • Easy to use

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