6 Reason Why Your Garage should have Drainvac Central Vacuum System

Garage Central Vacuum System

A clean environment allows you to live a sustainable and prosperous life. With the ever rising issues related to dust and pollution it is imperative that you incorporate the best vacuum technology in your residential apartment, commercial space, and garage as well. Why does your garage need Drainvac Garage Central Vacuum System? Here are some reasons which make Drainvac the best for your garage:-

1. Negligible amount of noise


Drainvac’s Garage Central Vacuum System provides you optimum cleaning by reducing the uncomfortable and harsh pump noises. Drainvac, with its high-performance technology and parts, has reduced the pump noise to as low as 58 Decibels! It doesn’t even feel like the pump is on since the pump is free from disturbing vibrations. The only noise you’ll hear is of that of the air through the vacuum head.

2. User friendly 


Drainvac’s Garage Central Vacuum System has a very user-friendly interface and even an amateur servant can use it easily. Not only the garage, but Drainvac’s Industrial Central Vacuum Systems and other pumps also have a simple interface. So, you don’t need a professional who’d come every day, operate the pump for you and charge a hefty amount from you. This will make your operations more efficient and focused.

3. Deep Cleaning


The pumps provide you with clean your garage deeply. A garage is laden with materials like oil, grease, and dirt. These stains are very tough and can’t be cleaned easily. Drainvac’s pumps help you remove the toughest of stains in just a few seconds without applying much force. Hence, this is a big reason why Drainvac pump is a need for your garage.

4. Compactness


Space is a big problem nowadays. Having less space isn’t a problem for Drainvac! Drainvac’s pumps are compact and fit in even congested areas. So, you need not empty much space for installing a pump for cleaning your garage. Hence, if you are looking for a compact system, you should give Drainvac a try.

5. Economical


Drainvac pumps are highly economical, both in terms of time and money. Our pumps have low power consumption. Besides using less power, we don’t compromise with performance. The pumps are extremely high powered. Moreover, we offer a wide range of pumps at affordable prices. Hence, the pumps offered by the company are economical in every way and can be a great factor for cost-cutting.

6. Loaded with useful features 


Drainvac’s cleaning pumps are heavily loaded with some of the most useful features. We have also the features you need to get a clean garage. The pumps have humongous dirt storage tanks. Hence, there is no need to frequently empty the tank. The tank can store a huge volume of dirt. Also, Drainvac’s pumps are equipped with SMS SilverClear Filter, which makes the products best in the segment.

Drainvac is all set to provide you and your workers a clean and healthy working environment with its residential and commercial central vacuum systems and if you want a wholesome cleaning system, Drainvac is always at your service.    

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