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It’s indeed very normal for anyone to suddenly accept a change. Especially one that affects your livelihood. But it doesn’t matter how insecure your conscience may sound. The central vacuum system is here to stay.

Just think about how many times you have been frustrated with your portable vacuum. Not only does it make such an irritating sound, but it also unnecessarily provides you with extreme stink, the burden of being extra cautious with your power chords, allergies and far more.

A central vacuum cleaner is an end to all your misery. Not only does it have a remote vacuum power unit, but it also provides you with a completely internal cleaning. So there goes your allergy! And that’s not even close to being it.

A centralized vacuum cleaning system promises to provide you with premium vacuum accessories unmatched by any other vacuum cleaners of its kind. Its vacuum inlets are installed inside the walls of the house which an internally concealed 50mm power ducting networking series to give you a perfect cleaning, which you could have never imagined with your regular vacuums straight to the garage or basement where you can later get rid of all the waste with no struggle of collecting.

How cool is that? Though as I said before, you have to be cautious and consider some things before finally getting yourself one.

So here are 7 things you need to keep in mind before buying a central vacuum cleaner:-

Storage – 

Before anything and everything, you must know that residential central vacuum systems require a lot of space. You can always keep the dirt collecting bag in your basement or garage but the tools you need every day must be by your reach at all times especially since a central vacuum system provides you with lots of accessories. So, until you can’t manage your storage capacity, don’t even think about buying a central vacuum cleaner. 

Installation – 

Make up your mind about where you want the vacuum to be installed because it won’t provide you with lots of opportunities to make mistakes. Once you install everything, the only way you move it is by taking it all the way out and if you do so, you’ll be left with holes in your walls which could be very heartbreaking for you.

The positioning of the base unit – 

The best place to keep your base unit would definitely be the basement but often, it is observed that by the time cleaner reaches upstairs the power of suction noticeably declines. So, the ground floor would be a much better option if you could manage the availability of sufficient space.

Hose length – 

Since the central vacuum system is designed to cover up a large area, the length of the hose could provide you with some issues while dealing with small spaces.

Cost – 

If you compare the overall cost of a central vacuum cleaner to a portable one, you will see a huge difference. But remember, the Central vacuum system promises you with longevity and in the long run, it’ll save you a lot of money, unlike the portable vacuums.


  1. Filtration systems – There are four methods of filtration for central vacuums:-
  2. Paper bag system
  3. Bagless with self-cleaning filter
  4. Filtered cyclonic action with a fixed filter
  5. True cyclonic action with outside exhaust

According to world public ratings, people seem to prefer only the first two methods of filtration while the last two really have a noticeably bad reputation. So make sure you learn about the type of filtration your vacuum uses before buying and further installing it in your house.

Power is directly proportional to damage – 

Greater the power your vacuum holds, the more it will be vulnerable to damage. The risks of items getting swallowed inadvertently by the vacuum are directly affected by the strength your vacuum has which may give the cleaner with some serious internal damage resulting in the units getting jammed or even broken.

Even though, the centralized vacuum system is the future of cleanliness. No negligence should be entertained while buying one. Make sure you are aware of everything about it and remember to play safe and purchase only from well-known organizations holding proper license and experience.


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