Advanced Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Advanced carpet cleaning

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Carpets should be cleaned professionally at least once every year. Cleaning of the carpets will increase the lifespan of the product and make it more durable. Carpets trap a lot of bacteria and other allergens in it. If it is not cleaned regularly, then you might be affected by various airborne diseases. Incorporation of advanced carpet cleaning techniques is essential to make sure that you maintain a hygienic environment within your housing space. 

The cleanliness of carpets reflects upon the overall sanitation of your surroundings. Keeping carpets clean will make your ambiences look cleaner and more beautiful. Given below are some methods of advanced carpet cleaning which people should take into consideration


Advanced carpet cleaning methods that you should know about:


1. The hot water extraction technique:

High-pressure tools are used to clean your carpet with the help of cleaning agents and hot water. This helps to remove dirt particles and soil from it that are often left unseen. This technique is helpful because the high pressure exerted along with the cleaning agents reaches all corners of the carpet and effectively kills the pollutants.

2. Shampooing Technique:

In this method, the consumer must use a rotary brush to evenly apply a detergent solution to the carpet. Constant scrubbing of the brush converts the detergent solution into foam that effectively fulfils the objective of cleaning. Before shampooing, vacuuming is done, so that, all the larger dust particles are removed. Many industrial central vacuum systems can be utilized for this purpose.

3. Spin bonnet carpet cleaning:

This method requires equipment like a rotary floor machine, spin pad, spray applicator, and cleaning products. There are two primary methods of spin pad cleaning. The first method is associated with a pre-spray technique and the other incorporates an immersion scheme. The carpet is pre-sprayed for a short time before the introduction of a rotary machine. Regardless of the process you employ, it is imperative that you vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. The best commercial central vacuum system is needed to effectively execute this procedure.

4. In-plant cleaning technique:

The carpet is sent through the duster which cleans it out more effectively when compared to the regular cleaning procedure. However, this method of carpet cleaning is more expensive to implement. The in-plant cleaning technique is one of the most effective methods for advanced carpet cleaning. 

5. Dry foam carpet cleaning:

After the carpet is dry-cleaned, a cleaning foam blanket is applied to the surface area of the carpet. Foam is left on the carpet for approximately 10 minutes to allow the cleaning agents to accomplish its cleaning agenda properly. This method is primarily used when grease has to be removed from the carpet. Also, foams have colour brighteners and anti-soiling agents. Dry foam carpet cleaning is used for water-sensitive carpets as well.


Carpets have a tendency to attract dust. Hence, they can become dirty easily. Therefore, it is essential that you utilize these advanced carpet cleaning techniques to obtain immediate results.

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