Best Ways to Clean Carpet and Area Rugs


Dust collects very easily on a carpet and you may not even be able to see it until you hold it upright and flap it out. But even then, you will not get rid of the dust that has settled into the carpet. You need to use the best ways to clean carpet and area rugs, to make sure you never have to worry about these little intruders.  This could also be a cause for dust mites and other insects that could easily make a new home out of your carpet.

Many corporate offices and residential societies use a centralized vacuum cleaning system. India has seen a number of companies that specialize in this field and with more modern and innovative methods of cleaning, it becomes easier to keep carpets clean with lesser effort. Hiring professionals to keep your carpets clean is also a great way to save time but could take a big bite out of your money.


Top Ways to Clean Carpet and Area Rugs


Here’s a step by step process of the best ways to clean carpet and area rugs, while considering the smaller carpets to the larger area rugs –

  • Take your carpet to an open spot and shake it until there are no hard particles or dust remaining on the surface.
  • Vacuum deep into the carpet to remove any of the stubborn dust particles that have would not have left after shaking
  • Use a hard bristle brush over the surface of the carpet to make sure you hit all the spots including the ones that your vacuum may have missed.
  • Use a hard brush and soap water over the carpet if there are stains or if the color has seemed to have faded.
  • Apply pressure while scrubbing and make sure you use hot water as it could cause less harm to the threading on your carpet. 
  • Smaller carpets can also be put into a washing machine with detergent and set to a low spin cycle. This avoids damage to the carpet. 
  • Using residential central vacuum systems or a steam vacuum over the carpet can help maintain a clean rug so that dust particles do not have enough time to settle into the carpet. 
  • Using the right carpet shampoo can be vital. Make sure the chemicals or detergents you use to clean your rug or carpet are specific to your carpet or it could damage the carpet. 
  • Rinsing the carpet or rug is very important right after cleaning. If you do not rinse and dry your rug immediately, there is a chance of more dust settling into the moist carpet and damage to the threading. 


Seeking professional help to clean your carpet can be a lot easier, but having the right knowledge and equipment to clean simply means you can do it at your convenience without having to wait for someone to clean it for you. Get the right cleaning equipment today and keep your carpets clean and dust-free.

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