Building a Savvy Home – Trends Every Architect Should know

Modern architecture is not just about embracing new technology. It is also about blending the comforts
of new age trends while still maintaining the rustic and green approach for wholesome living. Whether
you are an architect or an aware and well informed home buyer, read on to know what makes a great
home architecture

Go green

While the global trend screams organic, can architecture be any different? Earthy and rustic décor is the latest trend and is here to stay. Usage of stones and bricks while giving the comfort feeling of natural living is also cost effective and far from primitive. Green is in.

Healthy homes

While the usage of non-toxic or recycled natural products is an innovation every architect can get creative with, the installation of a central vacuum system is definitely a criterion for healthy air inside homes. A good architect is well informed about the latest brands and models of Central Vacuum Systems and should be able to decide on the best one to suit the
lifestyle of the family

Flexibility and ease of access

With a dynamic population which needs constant change and comfort, architects all over are looking at incorporating flexibility in floor plans for future changes in preferences.

 Indoor-outdoor blend

Doors and French windows opening out into a garden or patio, large sized windows and usage of insulated materials which let in natural sunlight and keep away harmful rays along with heat and cold – a trend no architect can afford to miss


Predominantly used as a family area while still serving its purpose of meal production, kitchens are becoming more and more open and well extending into the dining and den areas thereby becoming the center of activity of any household. While installing Central Vacuum system, make sure to invest in one which can handle liquid spills comfortably.

DrainVac India offering the first ever Central Vacuum System in India. With the most advanced and amazing Central Vacuum Solutions, DrainVac has Bagless Vacuum Cleaning system that is installed in the home with an assurance of clean homes forever.

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