How to clean central vacuum filter bag

benefits of central vacuum systems

The central vacuum cleaner is an effective and quick way to get rid of dirt and debris from your home. It involves several pipes, usually fixed within the walls of your home and slowly sucks the unwanted dirt and dust from the house, into a central vacuum hold, situated in the basement of a home. Many houses today are built with a central vacuum system to lighten the workload and keep home clean. Many office buildings are fitted with central vacuum systems, which keep them clean throughout the year. The system includes pipes, the central vacuum filter bag, and the main power unit, which is usually placed in a secluded part of the house.

This contraption is very useful to collect dirt and eliminate the need for a household vacuum. They usually set these central vacuum systems in such a way that furniture and other items are not affected. The power is just sufficient to suck in dirt and other loose debris that might have fallen on the furniture or carpet. The dirt is collected in the central vacuum filter bag, from where it is collected and disposed of once full. Residential central vacuum systems are rampant today and many reputed companies such as Drainvac provide incredible services including maintenance of the product.

How to Clean Central Vacuum Filter Bag

A Central Vacuum System in India is sure to be overloaded with dirt and dust, especially in a city like Mumbai or Bangalore. Construction never stops in the city and this leaves a ton of dust to enter your home and sit on your furniture for a long time. You can get outside help to clean your houses, but there will always be a corner untouched. Vacuuming the house yourself requires time that you may or may not have. In the event of this, it is effortless when a central vacuum system is fixed in the house.

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To clean the central vacuum filter bag, you need to follow the process below:

  1. Find the canister where the filter bag is fitted and take it out. Inspect the bag for any holes and check the canister for any debris that might have fallen out of the bag. This avoids corrosion and problems at a later stage.
  2. Once you disconnect the bag from the pipes, clean the pipe with a long dust brush. You can also set the hose in the reverse to clean out any clogs in the pipes.
  3. Run the vacuum while the hose is in your hand, and apply pressure to the end of the hose. Cover one end with your hand and let the pressure buildup. This will clear any clogs the pipes might have and keeps the hose free from dust and dirt. Repeat this process with every receptacle.
  4. You can also feed a cleaning cloth into the vacuum pipe which will end up in the canister. The cloth will have collected all the dust and clogs in the pipes and carry it to the canister.

CONCLUSION: Mix water and soap and rinse out any cloth material that can be reused from the filter. Do not brush these materials as they might get damaged. Replace any damaged products that cannot be cleaned. Always use gloves and a mask while cleaning the filter.

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