Different DrainVac products that can be used for Individual homes, flats & villas, etc.

Cleaning our house becomes increasingly important as it automatically reflects on our standard of living. It is especially true when it comes to residing in a country such as India as the nation is fast emerging into a global corporate powerhouse. The population of the nation is constantly on the rise as the need for technology, and the establishment of various industries is the current requirement of the economy. With all of these factors, there is an immediate increase in pollution as harmful pollutants and dust surround us at all times. Thus, the demand for Industrial Vacuum Cleaner and Vacuum System for houses is increasing day by day.




Without taking part in effective cleaning on a regular basis, these pollutants can be the primary cause of various skin diseases and may also affect the general health of an individual adversely in the long run. This is where the services of companies such as DrainVac India comes into play. The company excels at providing wet and dry vacuum cleaner services which aim to make our environment more convenient for existing.


The company looks to integrate modern technology into its equipment which it uses to get the cleaning done. Let us now analyze a few DrainVac products which the professionals working with the business organization use to clean individual homes, flats and apartment.


  1. DrainVac Sadie – This product has two different models under its name. The Sadie 600 AW and Sadie 700 AW are compact machines which can be fitted in tight spaces. Powerful in nature, the cleaner vacuums all the dust particles with absolute ease and is completely noise free as only 58 decibels are generated upon its use. It is also armed with semi-transparent barrels which stores dust residues. Being semi-transparent in nature, it helps the user to know when the canister bag is full. With a capacity of 17 litres, the Sadie is a great Vacuum System for houses.
Activac Filter

vacuum filters for houses

  1. DrainVac Cyclone – Armed with 483 and 2 x 355 air watts respectively, the Cyclone comes with an impressive suction power. It has more dust storage capacity as it has the storage space of 46 liters. It is also noise proof to some extent as the machine can be operated at 70 decibels. The vacuum is capable of picking up both solid as well as liquid wastes and is very user-friendly in nature.
Cyclone filter

vacuum filter for outdoor usage.

  1. DrainVac Master – It is perhaps the most efficient of the machines as incorporated by DrainVac India. The product needs no maintenance as it does not come with a dust storage canister or bag. The dust residue particles absorbed are directly disposed into the sewers which helps the user to save a lot of time and effort in the long run. The equipment is a type of wet and dry vacuum cleaner as it can absorb both dry waste materials as well as liquid waste.

vacuum filter for both wet and dry cleaning.

These are some of the modern products which the leading central vacuum solutions provider, DrainVac uses for individual homes and flat cleaning.

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