DrainVac Central Vacuum Systems for Movie Theatres

central vaccume systems for movie theaters

Ever wondered what more is required to clean that movie theatre you have been struggling with? Clearly, you are facing a daunting challenge and even your most experienced custodial crew are unable to help.

Central Vacuum Cleaners for Movie Theaters

The biggest challenge in the movie theatre cleaning is the auditorium itself. Alongside this, kitchen area, washrooms, waiting zone, and customer desk are no less of a problem.

Conventional cleaning methods struggle hard with the spills on the floor areas (which might become sticky and slippery for customers who may be entering and exiting in the dark), soiled carpets and popcorn scattered all over the floors.

Central Vacuum Cleaners for Movie Theaters

But thankfully we now have a system to manage it all for you.

DrainVAC central vacuum systems are here to put an end to all your worries related to cleaning hard surfaces, both carpets and hard floors in auditoriums, those tough-to-reach spaces under the chairs that collect dirt and eventually become greasy!

Effective movie theatre cleaning is only possible with a system that is both strong and advanced. Versatility in a cleaning system is vital, and you can save money and time by getting more capabilities out of a single solution.

You can now stop investing in a number of different systems for cleaning a single facility.

Drainvac brings in a fully automatic and centralized cleaning system that is extremely powerful to meet all of your needs at the same time.

It is an inbuilt system in which pipes run through the interior walls of the building unit and are connected to a vast vacuum system generally placed in storage or basement.

You can find different types of central vacuums cleaners designed by DrainVAC, India intended to clean different units. You can select the models best suited for the specific units in your movie theatre.

Reasons to Buy a Central Vacuum System for Movie Theatre

  • Comprehensive Cleaning

Central vacuums come with a wide range of accessories such as long hose and a number of other tools that allow you to clean places no vacuum has ever been able to get to before. Clean every nook and cranny in the theatre, even those cob-webby ceiling corners and the dusty corner behind the curtains, with a central vacuum.

  • Cost Effective

Movie Theatres are highly priced investments and installing a central vacuum is a smart decision. They last much longer than portable vacuums which need to be replaced or repaired every few years. Central vacuum owners can easily go ten years before having to replace major accessories or worry about maintenance.

  • Powerful Deep Cleaning

With motor substantially stronger than the motor in portable vacuums, central vacuums provide tremendous suction through the network of pipes and through the hose. This not only removes the surface dust and debris, but also the deep grit and particulates that age carpet.

  • Cleaner and Healthier

Central Vacuums collect dirt, dust, and debris outside the unit and into the canisters that are installed in the basement or garage. This prevents the recycle vacuumed dust back into the air through the exhaust.

  • Convenient

Central Vacuums allow you to clean every corner of the unit with the help of a long hose without carrying the heavy machine all around.

  • Minimal Noise

You must be familiar with the noise producing vacuum cleaners that give almost a headache when operated long enough. With a central vacuum, you’ll be surprised at how quiet they are. Cleaning a large premise consumes a lot of time and the last thing you’d want is a noisy cleaning system. The main source of noise, motor, is located outside the unit and thus the only noise is of air flowing through the vacuum.

Vacuuming is easy and effective if done rightly. It yields great results and leaves the surfaces shinier, cleaner and brighter. Make that smart move and get the central vacuum cleaner installed and see the difference. Connect today with the DrainVac India engineer for quick installation.

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