Indoor Air Pollution is More Harmful than You Know!

Central Vacuum Cleaners in India

Lately, Environment has been a big issue in our society and we keep on concentrating on the things we hear and see from people or the Television. But we forget that even if we close our eyes, things don’t disappear. Like the air inside our homes, offices and any closed area, which is proven to be more harmful than our outdoors.

Some facts you should know about indoor air is that The United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) states that indoor air quality is five times polluted than what is breathed outdoor.

And people who get affected by it the most are children, senior citizens and those who suffer from the respiratory issue. Most of the population stays indoor for some or other reason exposing them more to it. The cause of it is contaminants from furniture or construction, mold, and fungus with the symptoms – nausea, cough, dry eyes and allergies.

But if there is a problem, there is a cure for it too. Improving indoor air quality is not difficult. A central vacuum system comes to your rescue here. A central vacuum system can remove pollutants from your home and office. Central Vacuum helps clean up the dirt and the polluted air indoors without installing filters or bags. Built to vent dirt and dust outdoors, these vacuum systems can keep the air you breathe free from harmful pollutants.

To know more and see how a central vacuum can help you breathe improved indoor air check out DrainVAC India for the best home cleaning solutions.

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