Industrial Central Vacuum System a Necessity for Car Wash Industry

central vacuum system for car wash industry

The central vacuum systems have been the focal point of development in Industrial vacuum systems. They have undeniable advantages in terms of unwavering quality and convenience. In the old days, only a crude assembly was performed, with rough parts and high energy utilization. 

 DrainVAC Central vacuum system, after long testing and expertise, improved everything around the car wash vacuum and vacuum area. It is the expert answer for Car Wash’s central vacuum systems. Whatever is the pace of inhabitance of vacuum bays, there is continuously controlled energy consumption, with ideal estimations of suction power and airflow. 

The electronic control is associated with filters and accessories with programmed differential pressure locators that keep filters cleaned and effective. Without station activation, there is no energy utilization. With the first user, there is less than 2 kW usage that turns out to be progressively effective with every further use.

Thus, the maximal consumption, when, for example, 16 clients are vacuuming simultaneously, is around 24 kW. DrainVAC produces all the equipment in its own house with its apparatus. 


 Industrial central vacuum system is excellent

 Perfect for self-service vacuum, as well as expert administrators, are cleaning a rental fleet or adapted to any setup. 

 Central vacuum system can be adjusted to any arrangement

 Specific consideration is given to vitality consumption and effectiveness in a long time, utilizing complex control systems.

 Central vacuum system in India is economical and ecologically friendly. 

 The vehicle wash manger is called distinctly for a couple of everyday tasks. It simply exhausts the residue compartment after approx. 1,500 cleaned cars

 Central vacuum system is maintenance-free

The Car Wash Central Vacuum Systems have reached more than 6.000.000 cleaned cars yearly with no issue. 

 Central vacuum system can be adjusted to any arrangement.

 Specific consideration is given to vitality consumption and effectiveness in the longer run, utilizing complex control systems.

  1.  National Carwash Solutions (NCS), the world’s head supplier of car wash systems, cleaning arrangements and support administrations is pleased to declare its significant association with Central Vacuum Systems.
  2. Drain Vac India works with an assortment of clients in commercial and industrial operations that require particular vacuum systems, including car wash administrators.
  3. Their central vacuum systems serve industrial applications which include mining activities and assembling while the commercial central vacuum system provides for airports to hotels to hospitals to car wash tasks etc. 


Central vacuum system is entirely adaptable and can remove the entire vacuum area from the hands of the investor. They can satisfy the greatest client needs and can even customize products, such as trashcans, structures, specialized rooms, and hardtop. This satisfaction can be given in any color or with a logo to coordinate the brand style of the client. All the system parameters can be checked and put away on the touch screen display or the control board.

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