All you should know about DrainVAC Central Vacuum cleaners

Central Vacuum Cleaners in India
We take so many precautions to keep our surroundings clean and dust free. We crib about the pollution outside but often ignore the one we call home. We eventually miss a spot, the corner that has junk built up couldn’t be spotless. Leaving little particles in air resulting in asthma and sickness.
A 2012 WHO study found that complications from breathing dirty indoor air is responsible for 4.3 million premature deaths each year, mostly in developing countries, where billions of people burn coal or wood to fuel indoor cooking.
Indoor air pollution is one of the most unrecognized environmental issues today.
DrainVAC India brings in a fully automatic cleaning system with the ability to vacuum liquids, solids, and dust from everywhere providing ultimate freedom in cleaning. It provides solutions for residential, commercial and industrial scenarios.
It has been helping industries since the world’s first ducted wet and dry developed in 1982. It can be installed away from living areas, reducing the noise from the motor almost making it non-existent. Some of the models are soundproofed and emit only 58 decibels.
It also has a variety of dry systems and the entire residential range is covered by an industry leading 10-year warranty. The DrainVAC range is imported and distributed in Australia by RoyalVac Pvt Ltd. DRAINVAC offers some of the largest canisters available for central vacuum systems.
If you ever have a last-minute guest coming to your house and you need the place to be spotless in less than half an hour, DrainVAC is your saviour. It will be able to do the spotless cleaning, it’s easy to handle and will be the magical help of your healthy home.


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