Most Useful Ways to Clean Tile Floors

way to clean tile floors

You start with dusting down the objects in your house and as the dust falls to the ground, you realize, it’s been quite a while before you cleaned your house. You not only notice the dust on the floor but also marks that just don’t seem to come off with a tissue or cloth. At this point you realize, you need to bring out the cleaning equipment and clean up the mess that is your house.  The most useful ways to clean tile floors are here for you.

There are many useful ways to clean tile floors, depending upon just how clean you need them to be and the type of stain you are facing. You can choose to soak a cloth in a good solution of water and cleaning agents or even opt for a residential central vacuum system as most modern houses are going for today.


Most Useful Ways to Clean Tile Floors

Depending upon what you are dealing with in terms of marks or just plain dust on the floor, you might have to throw in some heavy chemicals or maybe just steam clean the dirt off the tiles. It can be very simple or sometimes a very challenging task and there are
different ways to clean tile floors for this reason. Either way, it is pretty safe to assume that ceramic tiles for flooring can be cleaned to a point where they show a nice bright white color – the point of this is that you have a target.  

Many corporate offices and most residences have a centralized vacuum cleaning system, in India. Once the dust is off the floor, it becomes easier to tell if there is a need for mopping or swabbing the floor to get sticky stains off. Here’s a look at some cleaning methods for tile floors. 

  • Sweeping/ Vacuum 

Try to keep this regularly so that you avoid dust on the floor. A clean home gives you a happier environment to live in.

  • Mopping – 

Having a good mop with a rinse bucket can be the best solution for smaller houses where you just need to see those tiles shine away. Add in a good solution of cleaning agents and you’ll have a wonderful fragrance along with a clean floor. 

  • Steam mops – 

Steam mops are pretty much the vacuum cleaners of mopping. They heat water at the brush and use steam to break stains from tiles. They are very effective and becoming very popular nowadays. 

  • The Right Disinfectant – 

There are a number of chemicals you can use to clean those harsh floor stains and make your tiles look brand new. Find the right disinfectant and keep germs and pests away from your happy home. 

  • Clean up Immediately – 

The easiest way to take care of a home is to clean it the minute it gets dirty. If something falls off your plate on to the floor, clean it immediately before it dries up and leaves a mark. Do not neglect sudden spills and eventually it could lead to a bad smell around the house or worse, a roach infestation.


Cleaning those stains on the tiles shouldn’t be a hassle. Make sure you have the right tools to do the job and you’ll see just how easy it can be. Seek professional help if are unable to get stains out and don’t overdo it with chemicals because it could damage your tiles and make things worse. Find the right brush and your favorite fragrance in a cleaning agent and make those tiles shine.

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