My Cleaning Woes!

I dusted the furniture, TV, the showpieces, flower vases, photo frames, pulled up the stool and cleaned the fans, broomed and finally mopped the house. Then turned around to appreciate my work. But, what do I see! All that I just cleaned is covered in a fresh layer of dust. That was pretty much the situation every day at the end of my cleaning session. All that after ignoring the amount of dust I pumped into my lungs. And festival cleaning is what I dread most. They are always followed by non-stop sneezing and cetirizine doses!

I tried the portable vacuum cleaner too but it only added up to my woes. First of all, it is too heavy to be pulled around to all the corners. Then its noise always leaves all of us deaf for that session. The cumbersome process of empting the bag often and not to forget our machine needs rest else it will get heated up and stop. Still the dust and smell remains as it re-circulates in the room through the machine’s exhaust. But that’s only until I ran into the Vacuum system for houses.

A visit to a friend’s place who recently built a new house provided the much needed answers. They again came in the form of a vacuum cleaner but with all my complaints hidden, far away, outside the house. It is called the central vacuum system, where, the central power unit and the collection bags are fixed outside the house or the service area. This positioning enables the motor to be bigger and more powerful. Inlets are installed in walls at selected locations in the house that attach to power hoses and other central vacuum accessories to remove dust, particles, and small debris from rooms. Hence, the noise is reduced to a substantial level. The hosepipe is long and lightweight to enable manoeuvre around to the trickiest locations. It is proved that central vacuums keep the air cleaner than portable vacuums. The reason being, they extract the dirt, dust and debris out of the house leaving the home hygienic and pleasant.

However, there is no one answer to which is better, Bagless vacuum cleaner or the ones with the bag. But our reasons for a bagless vacuum cleaner would be that you don’t have to buy a replacement bag every now and then and is known to maintain peak suction power even if they are almost full.

Installing a central vacuum is thus one smart investment you should be doing for your home. It is just as simple as planning the electrical or plumbing lines during the designing stage. Central vacuums last longer, are effective, versatile, and reliable. Hence, they save money over time and add value to our property.

Central vacuum system thus is probably a blessing in disguise! DrainVac also earns my respect for having brought out the central vacuum solutions, that is both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. This whole house vacuum is not only useful but also a true convenience.

DrainVac offers homes and industries Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for all cleaning purposes. A central vacuum system for houses and an Industrial Vauum Cleaner for all purposes. They also offer Industrial vacuum cleaner, Commercial vacuum cleaner. Your cleaning is now on DrainVac!

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