5 Reasons to Choose a Central Vacuum Over a Portable One

central vacuum over a portable one

Centralized vacuuming systems are associated with several stereotypes of being inconvenient, noisy, expensive, and much more, making the homeowners keeping the option of preferring central vacuum over a portable one aside when it comes to installing a cleaning system.  Seeing the predominance of such misconceptions, here are the top 4 reasons for choosing a centralized vacuuming system over a portable system.

central vacuum cleaner

  • Extremely silent cleaning experience 

We all are familiar with the noise and vibrations of a portable vacuum system, making conversation on the phone, watching TV, sleeping, etc nearly impossible. Drainvac’s central vacuum systems are known for providing the most silent cleaning experience with the vacuum noise as low as 85 decibels. 

The prime reason behind the zero-noise cleaning of the centralized vacuum system is the location of the motor in the basement. Thus, the only noise you hear is of the air inflow and outflow from the vacuum, making multi-tasking a doodle.

  • User-friendliness

A centralized whole-house vacuum system eliminates the inconvenience of hauling around the house, standing on chairs to clean the ceiling, and rolling yourself up in the long extensions chords of a portable vacuum system. 

Drainvac’s centralized vacuuming systems are loaded with extremely useful cleaning solutions like humongous dust-storage canisters; rust-proof galvanized steel components, super accessible vacuum head, and much more, giving homeowners a big reason to choose a central vacuum system over a portable one

Drainvac residential central vaccum

  • Healthiest living environment

Studies have shown proven results for a central vacuum cleaner being better than a portable system in every aspect of reducing health problems caused due to an unhealthy living environment. The results are based on the well-known research of UC Davis, who concluded that centralized cleaning solutions have an upper hand in cleaning the air over a portable system.

The key reason behind this superiority is again the location of the dust-storing canisters. These canisters are installed away from the living areas (i.e. in the basement) from where the dust and debris are disposed of, keeping the effluent away from the people living in the house.

  • Power-packed cleaning

Drainvac’s centralized vacuum cleaners are known for their power-packed performance making cleaning a doodle. Central vacuums are so powerful that they can empty a blocked sink in mere seconds.

The cleaning systems can achieve such an immense power because of the permanent power unit placed in the basement, which keeps the system much cooler than a portable one.

Drainvac is known for manufacturing the longest-lived cleaning solutions so that the homeowners need not empty their pockets to get a new vacuuming system at regular intervals.  

central vacuum system

  • Farewell to a portable vacuum system

With the most enhanced cleaning experience with a centralized vacuum system, it’s time for saying goodbye to the portable vacuum cleaning. Drainvac’s team is all set to equip your house with exceptional user-friendly centralized vacuum cleaners, loaded with Drainvac’s most reliable technologies, making house cleaning a fun.    

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