The Secret to a Cleaner, Healthier Home

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Keeping the house clean all the time is a Herculean task, with ever-increasing air pollution and changing lifestyles that leaves little time to do cleaning chores on a daily basis. The manual cleaning methods are not effective, as they do not fully get rid of the dust. While they do help in cleaning the trash, tiny dust particles that settle on surfaces cannot be cleaned by dusting tools like cloths and sponges. Cleaning the house manually also needs time and effort.Even if the cleaning is outsourced, the resultant effectiveness and money spent do not match. This is where cleaning appliances can prove to be effective and time-saving. The most common of these are Vacuum cleaners.

As technology is advancing, Vacuum cleaners are becoming more sophisticated. This advancement is also producing much simpler gadgets that are easy to understand and use. Vacuum cleaners have inundated the market, and there is a great choice now to suit every need and pocket. The latest of these are the Central Vacuum Cleaners. Architects, Builders, and Designers are suggesting these. The Central Vacuum cleaners are suitable for both residential as well as industrial purposes. This integrated appliance is fast becoming a home convenience. There are many models in this central vacuum system. The features vary among the models, from compact to large capacity, dry and wet, bagless and bag. Their operating sound almost sounds like a whisper.

The Central Vacuum System consists of 3 main elements, a concealed ducting network, a power unit, and a set of cleaning tools and accessories. The power unit can be installed in any remote place of the home, like a utility area or under the sink. It has various cleaning accessories for cleaning floors, tiles, wooden surfaces, upholstery, curtains and even cars. Unlike the conventional vacuum cleaners, the central vacuum cleaner removes the dust 100%. These are suitable for both apartment dwellers and individual home residents. The best time to install the central vacuum system is at the building construction time. The planning, wiring, and installation become easier if done at the initial design planning and construction stage. Based on the needs, you can choose between the commercial vacuum cleaners or the domestic vacuum cleaners.

The reducing air quality and increasing incidence of lung and skin diseases make this central vacuum solution for the whole house a boon. Research shows that there is a 61% decrease in the suffering and allergies. The air quality index is worsening in both smaller towns and large cities. Shockingly, staying indoor can expose us to as many pollutants as being outdoor. These astounding facts call for a focus on adopting effective cleaning solutions. This central vacuum cleaning system also costs less than the regular portable cleaners. You can just turn the system on and let it work its magic. Sweeping, mopping and bending for the dustpan will be things of past. Adopt this central vacuum cleaner and make your home cleaner and healthier.

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