Serenity and Health in Urban Life

Central Vacuum Systems

The urban lifestyle is as synonymous with stress as it is with fun and frolic. While enjoying the luxuries of high-end homes and luxury cars, malls and multiplexes, we also fall victim to the ill effects which come along with – stress and pollution. While not everyone has the mindset or the option to go back to the natural way of living in a village, urban living need not be totally unhealthy. There are numerous tweaks to make it as healthy as we possibly can.

  • Staying away from the city – while commuting for school and work is a major concern, it still gives a healthy atmosphere and clean air to breathe in. But unfortunately, with expanding cities, this is not a possibility as it doesn’t take too long for a suburb to become a major hub.

This is where the concept of community living comes in. Built in the middle of every important pocket of the city, they come with lush greenery in the perimeter along with a private garden for every villa/apartment. Life inside the community is totally bereft of the noise and pollution surrounding it.

Not neglecting the health aspect indoors, builders all over are rapidly embracing the trend of installing Central Vacuum systems for every house. Out of sight and noiseless, installation is done along with the general wiring and plumbing. Noiseless, odorless and dust free, Central Vacuum systems maintain a dust free environment to protect the sensitive systems of children and old people alike. There are also Industrial Vacuum systems meant for offices and also smaller portable versions for cabins, RVs etc. where an installation is not possible.

Use of natural, earthy and biodegradable materials is also fast catching up to prevent exposure to unnecessary fumes released by chemically processed furniture and appliances. Go green is the mantra. Keep clean is the goal. Because clean air is everybody’s right.

DrainVac offers homes and industries Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for all cleaning purposes. A central vacuum system for houses and an Industrial Vauum Cleaner for all purposes. Your cleaning is now on DrainVac!

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