Why Shall Every Architect Recommend DrainVac Vacuum Cleaners?

Modern households demand convenience with luxury. With the daily life getting more and more entangled, it is of prime importance to have a home which keeps us calm and relax at the end of the day.

Architects all over the world are now emphasizing on the homes being built to provide comfort by suggesting home automation, green solutions, flexibility and ease of access, healthy living essentials, a perfect indoor-outdoor blend.

It is an architect’s dream to enable the house owner with all the necessary comforts that they seek. One of the most crucial element in any house building (or designing) is the home cleaning systems and having necessary provisions becomes highly important before even the construction begins. The blueprint of the construction, be it a completely owned house or a community of flats, needs to have the systems for indoor cleaning features inbuilt in them.

As far as this crucial cleaning part is concerned, architects in India always recommend DrainVac central vacuum cleaning system. These systems make sure that the owner doesn’t have to spend hours of their day in cleaning and maintenance and ensures that the air in the residence remain quality and clean.

The trends of having a central vacuum system is consistently rising. And why would it not be, it gives peace of mind and a worry-free cleaning of the house be it spilled liquid or semi liquids, or solid and fine particles like sand, dust etc.

For an architect to recommend the best residential or industrial vacuum systems, it is essential that they know the various types of vacuum systems present in the industry. DrainVac provides you with the types of vacuum systems available to make day to day life highly convenient.

The types of vacuum systems which every architect should know can be broadly categorized into two types.

  1. Residential Vacuum Systems
  2. Industrial or Commercial Vacuum systems

They then fall into the below category:

Backpack vacuum cleaners

As the name suggests these can be carried on the back and are lightweight vacuum cleaners. They ensure quick cleaning action and is the most popular amongst the other vacuum cleaning systems.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

A canister vacuum cleaner is a vacuum that has a motor and the canister on wheels, with a hose attached to it. These are the vacuum cleaners which need not be taken everywhere. The hose attached to it makes it reach out to places around your house and the dirt gets accumulated in the storage.

Car Vacuum Cleaners

These are highly efficient, quick and convenient to use vacuum systems for car cleaning. With a simple one-man operation, it eliminates the dependence of a car washer.

Central Vacuum Cleaners

These are the best vacuum cleaners for large, independent houses. The whole machinery is separately installed at the exterior of the house and the rooms are connected by wands into the wall. The need for carrying the vacuum cleaner or the canister is eliminated. Different points in the walls can be smartly planned by the architect during the design which can make life easier. Also, having a central vacuum system gives a boost to the overall accessories of the property and makes it a highlighter amongst others while reselling.

Commercial vacuum cleaners

For the places where the use of vacuum cleaners is quite frequent, choosing the commercial vacuum cleaners would be optimum. These are powerful and are built to last long. Thus, cutting the store or the office maintenance cost to the minimum.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

The place where the systems are needed the most. The tiny sand and the metal particles or any other by products in solid forms, chemicals etc in semi liquid or liquid form can be conveniently cleaned using these high power industrial vacuum cleaning systems. The interior of the workstation can be devised in a way to provide a space for dirt and leftover cleaning making the whole process automated.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

These are simple vacuum cleaners which everyone can use to clean up the couches, beds and the slim corners around the house.

With the right knowledge of the type of the vacuum cleaning systems, an architect can make the construction designs accordingly making it the wisest and the most efficient recommendation/Input to the architectural plan. This will also help bring a lot of credibility to the architect and the builder and will assist in bringing in a great goodwill for the projects to come.

DrainVac team has been working along with architects to provide a smooth transition to installation of central vacuum systems thus adding comfort to the lives of thousands of households over the years. To connect with the DrainVac team and to become a partner in providing comfort and convenience effortlessly to your clients get in touch with the regional manager by calling at 040 – 40042323.

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