Worried about the dust in tricky nooks and corners of your house? Drainvac got the perfect solution for you.

Central vacuum system

Due to a significant increase in industries around us for the development of economy, pollution in the air has increased as well. We obviously have lots of DIY ideas to save ourselves from the choking dust outside our home. But are we really safe from the layers of dust and dirt stuck at the corners of our house, on the furniture, on your favorite wall hangings, on the rugs? No, we are not.

Central Vacuum systems

Central Vacuum systems

Cleaning our house is fundamentally essential for us to lead a healthy life and to live longer. We broom the floors, mop them up, and stay assured that we are done with the cleaning stuff. However, those clean floors are an illusion, because the nano dust particles are which are not visible to the naked eye, still remain unclean which can possibly give rise to health issues in the long run.


What is the solution to the unstoppable dust at home?


DrainVac offers you the best central vacuum system which removes all the dirt and dust from your house and gives you a clean and fresh place to live in. These vacuum cleaners are designed with the latest technology that clean up dust within a blink of an eye.


DrainVac does not compromise with the quality of products it offers as it completely respects and understands the value; the customers pay to avail such commodities. The vacuum cleaners are totally rust free, unbreakable, and is made from stainless steel which ensures maximum durability of the central vacuum solutions.


Are you worried about carrying the dust bag while cleaning? DrainVac has solutions for that as well. Avail the bag-less vacuum cleaner at an affordable rate from here and enjoy quick, handy service of the vacuum cleaner.


Some of the vacuum cleaners require no manual labor, surprising enough? Indeed it is! The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is the perfect option to consider if you do not have enough time to do things manually. They pick up solids, liquids and even drain the waste automatically.


It’s evident that industries being situated in corporate sectors are the dustiest places and surviving there for long is exhausting. To provide a better life to the workers of the industry and the nearby local residents, the best option is to choose the automated Industrial vacuum cleaner from the wide range available with DrainVac.

Central Vacuum systems

Central Vacuum systems


Advantages of using a vacuum cleaner:

  • Time and Energy Saving tool: Manually cleaning the place takes a lot of time and energy, whereas with the vacuum cleaner, you don’t even exert any pressure on your body and within a moment, your place gets cleaner than expected.
  • Healthy living: Because dust and dirt are bad for health, it’s essential to properly clean every small space of your house to stay healthy, and unlike brooming, with a vacuum cleaner, you get no dust bouncing back to your nostrils and making you ill.
  • Pet hair: If you have a pet, you might relate how their hairs get stuck on the rugs vacuum cleaner helps in removing your pet’s hair from the floor as well.

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