This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

ProXtrak Liquid Extractor

DrainVac was founded in 1982 by Conrad Sevigny, a professional carpet cleaner. Frustrated by the inferior suction and the need to constantly interrupt cleaning in order to empty soiled water from a storage tank, he worked tirelessly in his garage to develop a vacuum system that could empty itself automatically.

Today, the DrainVac “ProXtrak” Liquid Extractor is adored the world over by professionals in carpet cleaning and disaster recovery for its powerful suction, continuous operation and it’s unique ability to lift large amounts of liquid quickly.

If you’re a professional carpet cleaner, or in the business of post-disaster cleaning and restoration, the ProXtrak offers unique advantages above all other systems.

Being self emptying all you ever carry is it's net weight. At just 28kg, half the industry standard, it is easily wheeled into location and up stairs if necessary. Place the system onto a toilet, shower recess or any other discharge point and you have limitless and uninteruppted extraction capacity.

Where there is a need to spray water, one can connect a hose to a faucet or other water supply point. Which in turn gives you continous water supply and continuous extraction.

The ProXtrak is particularly good for extracting large amounts of liquid quickly (eg water damage). Where ever you need to go, you can count on ProXtrak for ease of access and the provision of powerful suction and minimal interruptions.

Three easy steps:

  1. Place it on the toilet bowl, on a floor drain or externaly
  2. Connect the water supply hose hot water or your own steaming device
  3. Start cleaning

No manual handling, refilling or emptying required.