This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

Commercial Wet & Dry

DrainVac invented and pioneered ducted Wet & Dry vacuum systems 30 years ago in Canada and it remains unique in the market place today. Being fully automatic with the ability to vacuum liquids, solids & dust provides the ultimate freedom in cleaning. Any scenario is tackled with ease. This is the ultimate cleaning solution and replaces all other methods/tools, a DrainVac Wet & Dry is all you need to keep your premises sparkling clean.

While other central vacuums collect via a bag that needs to be emptied or replaced, our Wet & Dry vacuums empty themselves into your drainage system (grease trap, etc) and require virtually no maintenance. Used the world over, DrainVac Wet & Dry systems can be found in residential, commercial & industrial applications including restaurants, health care facilities, hotels, factories, car dealers, car washes, body repair shops and office towers. The client list includes many well-known brands such as Porsche, Toyota & McDonald's.

Vacuuming liquids & solids also has the unique benefit that it helps dry the surface immediately without the need for aeration. This fast drying process eliminates slippery floors and OH&S risks. It also eliminates the forming of watermarks on upholstery and floor mats following detailing. Existing customers in Australia are reporting savings in labour costs of approximately 70% from improvements in efficiency.