This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

Benefits of Ducted Vacuums

Not all ducted systems provide the same benefits, however the very nature of a ducted system does provide a long list of possible advantages compared with portable vacuums.

Superior Suction

Because the operator does not need to pull the vacuum around the home or carry it up stairs, the size and weight of the system is not constrained to the same degree. Bigger/heavier motors can provide better suction.

Larger capacities & Less Maintenance

Similarly, ducted vacuums can provide larger storage capacities. This means the operator does not need to empty the vacuum as often as they would with a portable system.

DrainVac Wet & Dry ducted vacuums actually empty themselves automatically. This provides limitless capacity and frees the operator from performing maintenance.

Reliable suction

Larger capacities also reduce the likelihood or frequency with which an operator will experience compromised suction. Portable systems, having smaller motors/bags/filters suffer reduced performance as their filters clog and their capacities are reached quicker.

Improved Air Quality

Ducted vacuums remove dust from the operator’s environment, instead of recirculating dust through filters or cyclonic systems in portable vacuums. A ducted system actually removes the dust, collecting it in one location. Ducted vacuums are an important contributor to the health of all people, especially those with allergies. We should all value the quality of the air we breathe.

Additionally, portable vacuums can also emit operational odours into your living environment.

If you have ever sneezed during or after vacuuming or experienced a burnt, musty or stale smell, your body has felt the negative effects of portable vacuums spraying dust particles and odours into the air.

DrainVac Wet & Dry ducted vacuums empties themselves automatically, so the operator avoids exposing themselves to dust while emptying the bags/canisters of all other systems.

Low Noise

Because ducted vacuums are installed at one location, typically the garage, there is almost no noise around the operator and other inhabitants of the home. Instead of hearing the motors of a portable vacuum, all you hear is the air rushing through the vacuum head.

DrainVac Dry ducted vacuums have the lowest decibel ratings in the market, further reducing the noise experienced in or near the room where the system is located.

Convenience & Safety

Not having to transport a heavy or bulky vacuum, the task of vacuuming is easier, quicker and safer. These benefits are particular apparent when vacuuming stairs.

Less Property Damage

Transporting a heavy/bulky vacuum around a home can cause substantial damage to flooring, walls and furniture (in particular corners). With a ducted system, you only have a vacuum hose and that can be fitted with a cushioning vacuum sock to protect both the hose and your surroundings from damage.

Built To Last

The initial investment in a ducted vacuum system is larger than the cheapest of portable systems. However, with the purchase of a quality ducted system you will offset the price difference in a very short period of time. Longer operational life, five times in some cases plus all of the benefits listed above and the decision is clear.

All DrainVac residential systems take this a step further with a 10 year warranty, twice the industry standard for ducted vacuum systems.