This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

Apartments, Vehicles & Boats...

DrainVac Atomik pictured with accessories

The DrainVac Atomik was designed to provide powerful suction in scenarios where space is strictly limited. This is the ideal solution for apartments, boats & caravans. At 600 Airwatts, it is more powerful than many full sized ducted systems even though it is only 36 cm tall!

It is in essence a ducted system and is powerful enough to provide suction across many rooms and levels. However, it does not always make sense to install ducting. If the space is small enough to be serviced by one inlet, the system can be installed inside a centrally located cupboard without any ducting required.

To operate, open the cupboard door, plug the hose into the inlet included. Many Atomik systems have been installed in small/studio apartments, boats and caravans in this fashion.

If the area is too large to be serviced by one vacuum inlet, ducting can be installed. The Atomik has been installed in many multi-level boats and medium to large apartments with this approach.

No other ducted system balances a compact design with powerful suction like the DrainVac Atomik. With or without ducting, the Atomik provides suction more powerful than any portable vacuum available for the residential market.

Like all DrainVac residential systems, the Atomik is backed by a 10 year warranty. Made in Canada, the Atomik features a stainless steel casing which makes it particularly suitable for the marine environment.