This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

Comparing Ducted Systems

When comparing ducted vacuum systems, many qualities speak for themselves, but some are more technical and may require further explanation. We will attempt to guide you through the most obscure terms and specifications common to the industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Airwatts is a measurement of suction strength

While you may have encountered Watts being used as a measurement of power in various devices, Watts does not address the efficiency of a vacuum to convert energy into suction. For this reason, the industry uses the term Airwatts which is a measurement of the actual suction strength the system deliveries.

As a rough guide, ducted vacuum systems range from 260 Airwatts to a peak of 1000 Airwatts. Systems rated at the lower end of the spectrum will only be able to handle a very limited length of ducting. This reduces the number of inlets you can install and their suitability for a broad range of installation scenarios. With a lower Airwatts rating, suction strength is lower and can be further compromised by the length of ducted installed.

DrainVac only offers quality systems designed to provide our customers with the benefits of powerful & reliable suction. We do not believe in selling systems that upon installation might fall short of customer expectations. Our range begin at 600 Airwatts, where others end.

Noise level at the system (Decibels)

As we explained earlier, ducted vacuums have the advantage of confining noise to the location where the system is installed. As a result, most rooms in your home can be vacuumed in near silence. The decibel rating of a system gives you an indication of the level of noise emitted by the system itself.

If the system is installed in the garage, the decibel rating will tell you how much noise you will hear in that room. The higher the Decibel rating the more likely it is that you will be able to hear the system in adjoining rooms.

To give these numbers some context, 60 Decibels is roughly the level of normal conversation, while levels above 85 Decibels will resemble a chainsaw or worse, can be damaging to your ears and it is an outright torture.

The industry average for ducted systems is somewhere around 67 decibels but will vary according to the power of the system and the insulating qualities of the system’s design.

DrainVac proudly offers ducted systems with 700 Airwatts of suction while maintaining an industry low decibel rating of 58.