This Sadie 700 is a demon. It has tremendous
performance compared with my previous system,
and my old one had two motors!
David R. in NSW

DrainVac's Ducted Vacuum Systems

DrainVac is famous for having invented the world’s first Wet & Dry ducted vacuum, however we also have a market leading range of dry only systems. Our ‘Dry Only’ Sadie range features powerful suction, quiet operation and like all our residential models, a 10 year warranty (twice the industry standard). All DrainVac systems are made in Canada to the highest standards.

Other manufacturers will not use terms like ‘Dry Only’ because they do not have Wet & Dry systems. DrainVac pioneered the world’s first Wet & Dry ducted vacuum in 1982 and it remains unique in the market place today. We will explore Wet & Dry later in this guide.

  • SADIE-700L17
    700 Airwatts
    17 litre capacity
    58 decibals

The Sadie-700L17 is the smallest system in our Sadie range. Small in stature, it packs a powerful punch with 700 Airwatts of suction as well as featuring our industry leading decibel rating of 58, providing the quietest operation.

If available space is strictly limited, you might consider our smallest system, the DrainVac Atomik. It was designed to suit apartments, boats and caravans

  • SADIE-700L41
    700 Airwatts
    41 litre capacity
    58 decibels

Next in our Sadie range is the Sadie-700L41. This system features the same powerful suction and low decibel rating as the Sadie-700L17 with an increased capacity of 41 litres. Like all DrainVac systems, the Sadie-700L41 is made in Canada and backed by a 10 residential warranty.

Powerful suction, quiet operation, large capacity and built to the highest standards, the Sadie-700L41 from DrainVac is a well rounded system that is hard to beat.

  • SADIE-2520L41
    2 x 520 Airwatts (twin motors)
    41 litre capacity
    64 decibels

Our Sadie range peaks with the Sadie-2520L41. This system features two 520 Airwatt motors and is possibly the most powerful system on the market offering superior suction.

This system is specificly made for those of us with the notion that nothing is ever enough.

We generally recommend the Sadie-700L41 for most customers. However, if you do not have enough space for this system or you have a smaller home to vacuum, you should consider the Sadie-S700 with its smaller design and capacity.

On the other hand, if you have a four story mansion to vacuum or value the absolute top end of suction, you will want the Sadie-2520L41.

Next up, we will look at a DrainVac system that has been specifically designed for apartments and vehicles. If this does not interest you, you might wish to skip ahead to find out more about our unique Wet & Dry solution.