Business Opportunities Available with DrainVac

Issued: 15/11/2012

Less then two years after the DrainVac range was introduced to the Australian market, products have been installed in both residential and commercial buildings in every state. Meanwhile, the DrainVac "ProXtrak" Liquid Extractor is being used to clean up flood effected regions across the country along with broader work in the restoration industry.

"As we continue to grow and excite the country with our unique range of products, there are many business opportunities available. We are looking for more distributors to join the network and there is a growing need for installers across the country. We offer a range relevent to residential, commercial & industrial installations. Then you factor in the professional cleaners and those involved in the restoration industry and the market is vast"

"We have a unique product that people love and we are looking for people and companies to work with in revolutionizing all facets of cleaning. Companies involved in building/installing in residential, commercial or industrial premises are invited to contact us. Companies involved in renovating or retro fit installations should also contact us. Certainly, companies involved in installing traditional ducted systems have great opportunities working with the DrainVac brand and range"

"Professional carpet cleaners can also consider diversifying into the restoration industry and leveraging the unique abilities of our Liquid Extractor to grow their business"

"We are already working with some amazing people and we look forward to building an even stronger community around the DrainVac brand" said Managing Director, Yalli Pleshet.