DrainVac Proud JenaDyco 2013 Conference Sponsor

Issued: 15/05/2013

DrainVac Australia is a Gold Sponsor of the 2013 Jena Dyco Restoration Conference in Melbourne.

"We are proud to be associated with Jena Dyco and to sponsor this years conference, but more then anything we enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with our customers and hear about the amazing restoration work they are undertaking with the DrainVac ProXtrak. The restoration industry turned out to be an amazing specialising community and we were privledged to meet them at the conference" said Managing Director Yalli Pleshet.

Jena Dyco International has been offering specialised cleaning and restoration technical training for over 20 years. The Restoration Conference provides the industry with an in-depth look into the restoration sector. Presentation topics included information on new techniques, developments and issues, as well as business-related content such as job costing and developing industry relationships.

About DrainVac
DrainVac was founded in 1982 by Conrad Sevigny, a professional carpet cleaner. Frustrated by the need to constantly interrupt cleaning in order to empty soiled water from a storage tank, he worked tirelessly in his garage to develop a vacuum system that could empty itself automatically. The result was the DrainVac “ProXtrak” Liquid Extractor, which is adored the world over by professionals in carpet cleaning and disaster recovery for its powerful suction, continuous operation and it’s unique ability to lift large amounts of liquid quickly. The DrainVac range is imported and distributed in Australia by RoyalVac Pty Ltd.