Rave Reviews From Customers In Hospitality

Issued: 10/09/2012

The DrainVac range includes ducted wet & dry systems that have the unique ability to suck dust, liquids & solids and empty themselves automatically. Since introducing the system to businesses in the hospitality sector, RoyalVac has collected a diverse mix of feedback from customers.

"I had a fantastic portable for many years, carrying that thing around and having to empty the dirty water, it ain't no fun. This is light years ahead of that"

"We are cleaning coffee grounds and milk spills in a tenth of the time, it's great for hard to reach places, between and under equipment, all while serving customers without noise. The boys are using it to suck the air out of empty milk bottles to flatten them and save space. We are opening another two restaurants, we want them there too"

"Thank you very much. It is a fantastic machine. Your welcome to have one of your brochure holders here for my customers, very relevant for them"

"Now I can't help but laugh when I see a mop. It's crazy isn't it, how quickly your perspective can change"

"We would normally refrain from cleaning our kitchen during the day as wet floors are such a hazard. Now we do a quick clean a few times a day and easily achieve a much higher standard of cleanliness, efficiency and safety"

"We mostly vacuum dry, but being able to easily perform a carpet shampoo ourselves is great for keeping the showroom fresh and handling anything that comes up. We are using it to wash the cars too and it was a great help during the renovation"

"I used to go in the middle of lunch to clean a spill as it happened, no choice but to disturb all the patrons in order to clean. Now it's handled easily, quickly and without any noise. Wish I had this when I had bigger restaurants years ago"