Displayed at Laferté, Canada

We’ve built a custom made display counter and it is now set up at Laferté in Drummondville and St-Hyacinthe! Since 1960, Laferté is a specialist in renovations and decorations. Today, Drainvac is among the 35,000 products sold at Laferté. The Cyclonik, ECO and Atomik units are displayed on the booth as well as a Wally and a Vacpan. Everything is power supplied and operational allowing clients to test out the products. Dust bags, filters, accessories and installation kits are also offered next to the booth.

Drainvac, proud partner of Laferté.

About DrainVac
DrainVac developed the world's first ducted wet & dry in 1982, since then the range has grown to provide solutions for residential, commercial & industrial scenarios. Being fully automatic with the ability to vacuum liquids, solids & dust, the DrainVac Kudos provides the ultimate freedom in cleaning. DrainVac also has a range of dry systems and the entire residential range is covered by an industry leading 10 year warranty. The DrainVac range is imported and distributed in Australia by RoyalVac Pty Ltd.