RoyalVac & DrainVac At Sydney Home Show

Issued: 04/06/2012

Today, the DrainVac product range was shown at the Sydney Home Show in Darling Habour. "We at RoyalVac are very proud to have brought DrainVac to the Australian market. We knew the public would fall in love with it, just as we did" remarked Managing Director, Yalli Pleshet.

"When you see a vacuum lift liquids and solids right out of carpet, leave it clean and almost dry, it challanges everything you think you know about cleaning. Then they find out that the system empties itself, people's eyes widen in disbelief"

"Royalvac was born of Royall Constructions. Royall has been in the building and development Industry since 1987. From our early days we have equipped residential and commercial properties with ducted vacuum systems"

"Our quest to remain at the forefront of the latest in technological advances led us to the discovery of a superior range of ducted vacuum systems. This range is not only technologically advanced and environmentally friendly, it introduces to the Australian marketplace a new era of ducted vacuum systems. To date, all ducted systems offer “dry” vacuuming. Royalvac introduces you to both “wet” and “dry” ducted vacuum options in one machine. There is nothing else like it in the market"

"We even had interstate visitors from as far away as Perth placing orders on the spot"

About DrainVac
DrainVac developed the world's first ducted wet & dry in 1982, since then the range has grown to provide solutions for residential, commercial & industrial scenarios. Being fully automatic with the ability to vacuum liquids, solids & dust, the DrainVac Kudos provides the ultimate freedom in cleaning. DrainVac also has a range of dry systems and the entire residential range is covered by an industry leading 10 year warranty. The DrainVac range is imported and distributed in Australia by RoyalVac Pty Ltd.