More Feedback From Hospitality Sector

Issued: 15/03/2013

The DrainVac range includes ducted wet & dry systems that have the unique ability to suck dust, liquids & solids and empty themselves automatically. Since introducing the system to businesses in the hospitality sector, RoyalVac has collected feedback from customers.

"Good, very good. It cuts my labour costs by seventy percent. You have to tell people all the things you can do with it. It's not just cleaning floors, I wash our large dough mixing bowls in situ, avoiding the heavy lifting involved in transporting them to the wash sink. And when I defrost this freezer, I remove the liquid easily and quickly. It makes life easy removing dust from refrigeration equipment/radiators"

"As a veterinary physician, I am excited to have a system that doesn't make the patients or their owners anxious. With the ability to lift anything that comes in the way of DrainVac, it saved me a bundle in the construction of my clinic by not having to install floor wastes in every room"

"It used to be such a balancing act, keeping the place clean, safe for everyone, minimizing hours, avoiding noise. You can never win like that. Now we just do what needs to be done straight away without all the fuss"

"It helps, this used to take so much longer. Breaking down the foam with water, we can remove thousands of litres quickly. Those canisters used to weigh 80kg when full, pushing them around was a nightmare and we would lose two a season. They would just die on us. What used to take 5 hours is done in 1 with no heavy lifting"

RoyalVac Managing Director Yalli Pleshet added "We will be conducting video interviews with customers so that the public can see the enthusiasum with which these testimonials are given. Watch out for this new material on our website in coming months"